Business Incubation & Acceleration

We believe in the Entreprenurial Spirit. In fact, we believe that without it, our world would still be in the stone age. As Entreprenuers ourselves, we know from experience the challenges that Entreprenuers, Startups, and Early Stage Companies face. That is why we developed our own Incubation & Acceleration Program.
Every Great Invention, Innovation, Technology, and Company was started with a Dream or Idea
Our Mission is to help Entreprenuers and Founders nurture that dream or idea and bring it to reality. But, bringing an idea to reality is just the beginning. Far too many startups fail due to a faulty foundation. That can include poor business planning, weak management team, unrealistic expectations, lack of funding, or inability to properly scale.
Incubation vs. Acceleration
Incubation “seeks to give structure, stability, and credibility to start-up or emerging ventures".
Business Incubators help develop, grow, and accelerate young businesses by providing them with necessary business services, financial, and technical services.
These services are developed by our Incubation management team and offered through our internal resources or Network Partners.
Acceleration "helps companies get through adolescence and prepare them to enter adulthood, providing them with strong arms and legs, sound values and a clear strategy to scale and be successful for the future".

Our Incubation & Acceleration Programs

We offer both a Physical Location in Sarasota, Florida as well as a Virtual Incubator & Accelerator
Application Process –Applicants are required to submit a business and financial plan via our webform
Consideration – includes technology, industry, examination of the business and financial plan, clear market potential, market strategy, implementation strategy, and exit strategy.


Incubation & Acceleration Services:
  • Cowork Space
  • Business Analysis
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Business Advisory/Mentorship
  • Management Consulting
  • Commercial Funding
  • Private Funding
  • Financial Consulting
  • Business Brokering/Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Talent Management
  • Recruiting & Staffing
  • HR Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Sales Agency
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Consulting
Professional Services include:

  • Legal/Patent services
  • Accounting
  • Software Development